Overview of services

You demand the very best.

You require a small or large batch with short delivery times and individual advice.

In the areas of CNC turning and milling, we are your highly capable partner for machining precision parts in individual batches and series production.

We manufacture for you according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

We process almost all materials from non-ferrous metals and stainless steel through to plastic.

Design and programming

SolidWorks 3D-CAD design software

GO2cam - CAM programming for all areas

Drafting based on your sample parts

Turning / longitudinal turning

Turning: Chuck parts up to Ø 270 mm | off the peg up to Ø 65 mm | max. turning length 500 mm

Longitudinal turning: Part length up to 250 mm or in special cases even longer (following consultation) | machining up to Ø32 mm | complete machining up to 7 axes


5-axis/5-side machining
Travel path X/Y/Z 710 mm/520 mm/520 mm


Centreless from Ø 3 mm to Ø 40 mm mit with plunge grinding
On-centre and drill grinding Ø 300 mm, max. length 500 mm
Flat grinding 500 mm x 250 mm

Assembly work

Parts fabrication including assembly
Assembly of modules


of plastic parts and
cast parts (except ductile cast iron)

Everything from one source

When it comes to finishing (heat treatment, electroplated surfaces, coatings etc.), we work with renowned partners.